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Discover the benefits of Fitrite PVCu Decking

Buy Now - Pay in 12 months*

Eco-Friendly Decking

Residential Customers Only

Discover the benefits of Fitrite PVCu Decking

Revolutionary Residential Alternative to Timber Decking

✔ 100% Water Resistant

✔ No Mould or Decay

✔ No Varnishing, Painting, Sealing or Staining

✔ Easy to Clean & Easy to Maintain

✔ Stain Resistant

✔ 0% Finance Available (Residential Customers Only)

Discover the benefits of Fitrite PVCu & get a quote today

Please note that we can only offer 0% finance to residential customers. This is not available to commercial or holiday home/caravan park enquiries

Our residential Fitrite Deck Boards are a revolutionary alternative to wood and competitively priced, keeping your costs down. We install decking across the UK and our specialist installers are currently working hard across South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, West Yorkshire and the UK.

Our Fitrite deck boards are manufactured here in the UK. We use first-generation recycled PVC with a virgin PVC outer skin. The unique embossed pattern gives the Fitrite deck board its unrivaled, non-slip properties in both dry and wet conditions.

Buy now - pay in 12 months

Buy Now - Pay in 12 months

(Residential Customers Only)

0% finance available

0% Finance Available*

(Residential Customers Only)

10 year warranty

10 Year Warranty

✔ No Varnishing, Painting, Sealing or Staining
✔ Completely Water Resistant So No Mould or Decay
✔ Easy to Clean and Easy to Maintain
✔ Stain Resistant
✔ No Splinters, Twists, Warps or Cracks
✔ No Squeaks or Creaks


Timber decks may be your first thought when thinking of something that will help the environment. However, there are other options. Fitrite deckboards require no trees to be felled and are eco-conscious in their design. Additionally, we don’t use wood. This means that there is no need for toxic chemicals. These can often be used to slow down and prevent rotting.

As a result, our residential decking installations are the alternative that will help you get closer to your carbon-neutral goal. Our boards don’t rot or decay, providing a long-lasting finish. We produce our materials in Doncaster, South Yorkshire with low energy input. Furthermore, our team generates nearly 80% less CO2 per ton of product manufacturing than competitor products. In addition to this, the Fitrite deckboard is 100% recyclable, adding to its green credentials.

Why Choose PVCu over Timber


Requires constant maintenance – painting, varnishing & repairs.

Over time, wood will rot, split, swell, twist, fade & even crack & splinter.

Wood isn’t waterproof so it attracts algae making it slippery and sometimes too dangerous to use.

Wood is a fire hazard right next to your home

Repair and replacement of damaged areas soon makes the deck look untidy and patchy – new boards stand out from the older ones which have become weathered and worn.

Timber is not environmentally friendly – trees are chopped down for their manufacture, and chemicals have to be used as preservative treatments and for regular maintenance.

Timber usually requires screws or nails for fixing, these are unsightly and can become dangerous over time.


Fitrite deck boards are maintenance-free, it requires no painting or chemical treatment, simply cleaning with soapy water will keep it looking as good as new.

Our products are guaranteed to last, it won’t fade, rot, swell, twist, warp, or splinter – it will look as good in 10 years’ time as it did the first day you walked on it.

Fitrite boards are totally waterproof so it won’t go green with algae and it features a special non-slip surface so it’s safe to use all year round.

It’s very unlikely that repairs will ever be needed and with our 10 year guarantee you don’t need to worry about it. However should anything need to be replaced, it will be a perfect match.

Fitrite deckboard is kinder to the environment. No trees are felled in its manufacture as it is made using recycled PVC. Additionally no harmful chemical preservative treatments or paints are required.

Moreover, our products use our specially designed hidden fixings for a neat and tidy finish. There will never be any sharp rusty nails or screws to worry about.

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Discover the benefits of PVCu Decking

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